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Viewfinder Setups

Both Ninja and Spaceman Viewfinder adapters were modelled around using Hasselblad viewfinders. We have tested it with the 500 series waist level and prism viewfinders. The fit of the viewfinder to the adaptor has some range depending on the wear and tear of your viewfinder.

Please keep in mind that you are retrofitting older and sometimes vintage parts which have seen decades of wear. Hence it is possible that it would not click in regardless of the outward condition of the glass and body. This is something we cannot control (till we make our own version!).

Suggested Hasselbald viewfinders

Waist level finder for 500 series

Our top recommendation is the waist level finder as it presents you a direct image of what is on screen.

The waist level finder folds down to protect your screen when walking about and a simple flip of the switch, expands to a natural sun shade. One more click (depending on the various models) will release a magnifying screen which will allow for a much clearer view of the Komodo's LCD.


Prism PM5

The 500 series prism viewfinders fit well, however, as it reverses the screen, this will be disorientating to use at the beginning. We have heard that RED will be implementing a flip image option to the software. Once that is implemented in a future firmware update, viewing will be back to normal! If you do pick a Prism viewfinder, do pick models that have a higher clearance of your battery pack. The ones we have tested are the 45 degree prisms. Some 90 degree angled viewfinders would theoretically work as well but we have yet to test them. We will update this list as we get more input and feedback from our users.

Recommended Prisms: Options below are great with high clearance of viewfinder from the body of your kit.

Works Great 2.jpg
Works Great 1.jpg

Not Recommended: With this option, you'll find the setup more cumbersome as it interferes with battery access.

We have tried mounting this and it fits but the battery change is not possible so it requires removal of the angled view finder beforehand.

Not Great.jpg
Viewfinders from other brands

Kiev 88

We've test the Kiev 88 Prism, Loupe and waist level finders to our adaptor. While it does accept these models, the fit is generally loose. In our tests, they do have a slight wiggle and rattle, but will not fall out from the adaptor. The result will vary as it will be dependent on the condition of your Kiev 88.


If you've tried another viewfinder with great results, do let us know! We'd love to share your set up with the community

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