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1/4"-20 Titanium Strap Lug (Hasselblad V Style) (a set of 2)

1/4"-20 Titanium Strap Lug (Hasselblad V Style) (a set of 2)


1/4"-20 version of our custom designed Hasselblad V style Titanium strap lugs.

(STRAP NOT INCLUDED). Strap in pictures are for reference only. 

Made to fit any modular camera with 1/4"-20mounting points to give you the most streamlined quick mount and release system utilizing the classic Hasselblad V strap lug system. These can be used on exisiting rails such as Timmy Ribs, Wing Grips and any similar side mounting solutions with 1/4"-20" points.


*PLEASE NOTE* Not compatible with similar straps and clips of other brands or models. The lug size only fits Hasselblad V strap clips and as such, you should only buy these if you already own or plan to buy those types of straps. Hasselblad V type clips with straps are available on Amazon or camera retailers that carry these accessories.

  • Disclaimer

    **Please exercise fair judgement on overall weight. While the system is robust and time-tested, it still has limits and is not meant to be used for exceptionally heavy or turbulent handling. We do not bear any responsibility on how you load out or use your equipment. This is meant for moderately lightweight weight use and street-style cinematography. 

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